The SA80+ Acid Manager is a semi-automatic bench-top analysis system that allows for a very quick and accurate analysis of free acid and dissolved metals. The concentration of single acids or any mixed acid solution of H2SO4 , HCl or HNO3 in conjunction with HF, as well as the total concentration dissolved metal ions can be determined in less than a minute, and reported as either g/L, wt%, vol% or molar.

The SA80 features a compact, modernized form factor with an integrated membrane keyboard. The icon-based interface intuitively guides the operator throughout operation. Multiple language support, now also including Mandarin, Korean and Japanese and many other languages are available.

The SA80 Powerful Statistical Process Control (SPC) software allows the instrument to track multiple process and/or acid recipes. Data can be displayed in a control chart format to quickly determine the current state of the process. When actions are necessary to bring the process into the control range, the SA80 software automatically calculates the required raw acid dosage, water addition or dump volume. Built in software can transmit data to a PC or PLC for automatic process control - i.e. a Scanacon Continuous Acid Dosing (CADOS) system.