Acid Manager SA70


Scanacon’s flagship bench-top analyser, the SA70 builds upon the basic AT75s/AT75 by incorporating automatic density determination, sophisticated software with statistical process control (SPC) functionality, and the capability to track up to 21 individual acid processes.


The SA70 Acid Manager is a semi-automatic bench-top analysis system that allows for a quick and accurate analysis of free acid and dissolved metals. The concentration of any mixed acid solution of H2SO4, HCl or HNO3 in conjunction with HF, and the total concentration dissolved metal ions can be determined in less than two minutes, and reported as either g/L, wt% or molar.


Powerful Statistical Process Control (SPC) software allows the SA70 to track up to 21 individual acid recipes while the softwares automatic control chart plotting allows operations to quickly access the current state of the process. When actions are necessary to bring the process into the control range, the SA70 software automatically calculates the required raw acid dosage, water addition or dump volume. Built in OPC server software can transmit data to a PC or PLC for automatic process control - i.e the Scanacon Continuous Acid Dosing (CADOS) system.


Adding to the SA70 functionality, all analytical results, including calibrations, check standards and samples are logged in a historical database, and may be reviewed at any time, plotted on control charts or exported as raw data. The historical database, combined with the SPC software allows operations to quickly access and address variations in the acid process, or, alternatively, offers the assurance the acid process was in compliance if variations in quality control (QC) occur.


Like the AT75s and AT75, the SA70 analytical method is based on density and specially designed ion-selective electrodes.


An automatic density meter (densitometer) is used to take the reading of the sample density. In addition, the densitometer also functions to dilute and cool the sample in preparation for the ion analysis.


Three electrodes - two Ion-selective for H+, F- and one reference electrode are used. The potential difference measured between the ion selective electrode and the reference is used to determine the specific ion activity. To compensate for temperature dependence in ion activity, a thermocouple measures the temperature in the sample during the test.


Concentrations of free acid are calculated as a function of ion activity. Total metals are calculated as a function of free acid concentration and density.


Calibration of the SA70 is by ISO certified solutions, and is accomplished quickly and easily. The SA70 user-interface automatically prompts the operator through the calibration procedure, and verifies the result.


Based on user defined process parameters of acid concentration, metal concentration and process volume, the SA70 software calculates the necessary raw acid addition required to maintain the process at the target concentrations. The SA70 can track and control up to 21 unique acid processes.