Acid Tester “AT75s” and AT75


Scanacon’s basic low-cost single acid or mixed acid analyser features easy to use manual operation with the ability for data export. Chose the AT75s for single strong acid determinations, or AT75 for a mixed acid solution of a single strong acid in conjunction with HF.


The AT75 Acid Tester is a manual bench-top analysis system that allows for a quick and accurate analysis of free acid and dissolved metals. The concentration of any mixed acid solution of H2SO4, HCl or HNO3 in conjunction with HF, and the total concentration dissolved metal ions can be determined in less than three minutes, and reported as either g/L, wt% or molar.


The AT75 analytical method is based on density and specially designed ion-selective electrodes. A manual density meter is used to take the reading of the sample density.


Three electrodes - two Ion-selective for H+, F- and one reference electrode are used. The potential difference measured between the ion selective electrode and the reference is used to determine the specific ion activity.


Concentrations of free acid are calculated as a function of ion activity.Total metals are calculated as a function of free acid concentration and density.


Calibration of the AT75 is by ISO certified solutions, and is accomplished quickly and easily. The AT75 user-interface automatically prompts the operator through the calibration procedure, and verifies the result.