Scanacon equipment offers the opportunity to optimize most acid-metal processes when continuous acid-metal separation, maintaining acid concentrations through analysis and additions.


Modular, compact, high efficiency acid-metal separation systems feature near limitless future expandability as process needs change.





Superior materials of construction ensure maximum service life and minimum maintenance requirements under extremely corrosive conditions.

Acid/Metal Separation

Acid/Metal Separation

Continuously removing dissolved metal contaminants allows for near indefinite re-use of the finishing solution, significantly reducing acid purchases and waste volumes. Acid-metal finishing processes operate at an optimum when variables such as acid concentration and metal concentration are maintained at a consistent level. When the concentrations of contaminant metal ions are allowed to continually increase, there becomes a point where the efficiency of the process becomes unfavorable. The Scanacon ModuFlex or MiniFlex acid-metal separation system (sometimes referred to as Acid Purification Unit, APU) offers the opportunity for continuous production without outages to dump waste acid, clean process tanks and piping and replenish with fresh acids. Operating in series with a process filtration apparatus, an acid-metal separation system separates dissolved metal ions from the process solution and returns a acid-rich metal lean purified solution for reuse. Depending on process conditions, metals are removed from the acid solution with the loss of free acid limited from 5% to less than 15%. Only water is required for regeneration, and the waste product is a weakly acidic solution of dissolved metal salts that is easily neutralized at a waste -water treatment system. Scanacon has been providing high efficiency acid retardation systems for the removal of dissolved metals from acid finishing processes for over 25 years. The Scanacon Acid Recovery MiniFlex and ModuFlex systems are unique in that their modular design allows for limitless expansion, flexibility and inherent redundancy – important considerations when choosing process equipment. High operation efficiency, compact modular designs, superior materials of construction and low maintenance requirements have made Scanacon the world leader in acid-metal separation equipment, and the MiniFlex or ModuFlex with worlds best selling technology.