23 August 2017


Acid Recovery & Filtration System, for existing pickling line


Hong Kong (2017-06-01) – Scanacon Group are pleased to announce we were awarded an Acid Management System from the large stainless steel producer Beihai Chengde in Guangxi Province, People’s Republic of China, earlier this year.


The Acid Management System, consisting of Acid Recovery and Acid Filtration will be delivered in the autumn of 2017 and commissioned at the end of the year at Beihai’s CAPL1.


Beihai already has the Scanacon SA80 Acid Analyser at their two CAPL’s and Scanacon Acid Filtration at their HAPL’s; they have been a Scanacon customer since the start-up of their plant. Beihai’s main reason to choose Scanacon technology is, due to the plant location, to minimize their environmental impact. Other important factors are major acid savings and improved productivity of the line.


Beihai Chengde is expanding quickly and have plans for several more APL’s and we look forward to a continued good co-operation and several more projects to come in the near future for mutual benefits.


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